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Pasteurization Line

Name:Pasteurization Line



Main technical parameters:

Time is adjustable.

The pressure of steam is 1-4kg/cm².

Steam consumption: 0.2-1.0mm³/h.

Cooling method: room temperature water or ice water.

The width of mesh belt: 500-2000mm.

Temperature is adjustable in the range of 50-95.

Running speed: stepless speed.

Power: room temperature water 3Kw.

Voltage: 380V

The machine can be customized according to your requirement.

Applicable scope:

It is used for pickled vegetable, low temperature meat product, soybean yoghurt, jelly etc. pasteurization.

Technological process: pasteurization-cooling-washing-drying. It can be equipped with curve recorder to monitor the production process and achieve the safety production purpose.

Output: 0.5-5T/h

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